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Stock Gear Catalog - Online Version

From this page, you can view the contents of our Stock Gear Catalog. Please choose from the following topics.

Stock Spiral Bevel Gears Available

1) Standard Stock Gears
View tables of our standard non-ground spiral bevel gears.

2) Arrow-Stan® Non-Stock Gears
A list of gears, larger than our standard stock products, that Arrow is tooled to produce with faster turnaround than a custom gear order.

3) Stock Ground Tooth Gears
Arrow offers the widest variety of ground tooth spiral bevel gears from stock. View this section for tables of available products.

Technical Information

4) Type of Gears and Sizes
See a listing of the types of gears produced by Arrow and the sizes available.

5) Rating Data and Specifications
View important information on determining the proper gear solution for your application.

6) Design Considerations - Bearing Loads
View important calculations required for determining bearing loads.

7) Design Considerations - Installation
Trouble-free performance of Arrow’s stock gears requires proper installation. This section contains information on the critical variables of mounting distance and backlash.

8) Design Considerations - Mountings
View essential guidelines for mounting gears to ensure proper operation.

9) Design Considerations - Bearing Pattern
The bearing pattern is critical for assessing proper gear installation. This section provides guidelines for interpreting bearing pattern.

A PDF version of this information can also be viewed and downloaded from our Stock Gear Catalog - PDF Version page.