Arrow Gear Employment


A career in the Gear Industry at Arrow provides a great deal of career advancement options.

Job Listings

At Arrow Gear, we are always interested in discussing career opportunities with individuals who are motivated, willing to learn, and have a desire to work in the high tech gear industry.

Our wages and benefits are designed to attract highly skilled gear manufacturing professionals. Relocation benefits are also available.

Training Resources and Certifications

For those looking to achieve certifications and training tailored for employment in the gear manufacturing environment, check out our Training Resources and Certification page.

A Career in the Gear Industry

Working in today’s precision manufacturing environment is much different than most people might suspect. Modern facilities, like Arrow Gear, are not the dirty, smoky, poorly lit factories that were common in the past.

Arrow Gear is widely recognized as one of the cleanest and most modern facilities in the world. And producing gears at Arrow is a demanding, highly skilled process that involves computer technology throughout every step of manufacturing.

Another point to consider about working in the gear manufacturing environment is its widespread impact on all of our lives. Gears are critical to an almost countless number of systems that we depend on everyday. From transportation, agriculture, printing and medical applications, gears are at the heart of their operation by providing power transmission.

So working in the gear industry is a significant contribution that impacts the lives of many people – an industry you can be proud to work in.

Even when starting as a trainee, working at Arrow Gear offers a career path that is limited only by the goals and capabilities of the individual. The company provides not only extensive training for employees, but also offers an attractive tuition reimbursement program for job-related studies. Notably, many of those serving in key management and operational roles at Arrow began as trainees.

For an example of the career options available at Arrow Gear, please refer to the Sample Career Path Flow Diagram in Figure 1 on this page.


Figure 1 - Arrow Gear Sample Career Flow Diagram. Click on image for larger view.

For more information on manufacturing careers in general, please view the video to the left. This video is entitled Making it in DuPage and was produced by the DuPage Workforce Board.