Heat Treat

Heat Treating

Heat Treat Center of Excellence

Precision Arrow Gear Group (PAGG) is pleased to announce that we have started construction on our 20,000 Sq/Ft new Heat Treat Center of Excellence facility located on our Downers Grove IL, campus. Heat treat equipment, including new Ipsen furnaces and cryo chambers are currently being relocated from Precision Gear Inc. in College Point to Downers Grove. The Heat Treat operation will also include a new 2000 Sq/Ft lab to support on-site testing and validation. Completion of the new Heat Treat Center will be in June 2020.

Equipment Capabilities


Gas Analyzers for Carburizing Furnaces in Arrow's in-house Heat Treat Department.


Arrow's Dixitech Quench Press capable of parts up to 36 inches.

Early in Arrow’s history, it was decided to offer in-house heat treating to help support and maintain quality and on-time deliveries. Having in-house heat treating helps control and ensure the metallurgical integrity of our products.

Arrow Gear has the capability to normalize, carburize, austenitize and quench up to 700 lbs. of products in our two sunbeam integral quench furnaces. The two Ipsen integral quench furnaces being added have similar capabilities, but can support up to 2,000 lbs. of products. In addition the Ipsen furnaces are equipped with the latest technology for process control. In addition, Arrow Gear has (2) pit carburizers ideal for large parts with long cycles. A third is in the works for the new facility and we anticipate to bring on-line before the end of 2020.

For products that require distortion control, Arrow Gear utilizes three quench presses and look to add a fourth within 2020. We are currently utilizing two box furnaces for the austenitizing prior to quench and are looking to add additional capacity soon.

Secondary equipment including, three high temperature tempering ovens (300°F – 1300°F), three low temperature tempering ovens and three chest freezers round out the heat treat department. The addition of the combination cryo/temper units will be a great addition allowing the cryogenic treatment and subsequent tempering operation to be performed in one simultaneous operation utilizing one program, thus resulting in better process control.

Metallurgical Laboratory


The DuraScan-70 performing a micro hardness check on a test coupon.

Arrow’s carburizing furnaces are equipped with gas analyzers for accurate control of the carburization process. A significant improvement from earlier methods which relied on oxygen sensors, the gas analyzers monitor such variables as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbon potential, and nitrogen in the furnace’s atmosphere. These analyzers are integrated into the operation of the furnace by their ability to control the amount of endothermic and natural gas that is fed to the furnace. This level of control leads to keeping the furnaces operating within tight tolerances, thus ensuring the metallurgical integrity of the parts.

To meet a full variety of customer specifications, Arrow’s Heat Treat Department is also equipped with carburizing pit furnaces. Ideal for parts with higher mass, these furnaces are also monitored and controlled by gas analyzers which ensure that tight processing tolerances are maintained.


  • Full confluence of professional heat treat technicians.
  • Capable of operating 24/7.
  • On-staff metallurgist.
  • In-house maintenance department fully capable to maintain heat treat equipment.