Custom Gears

Arrow Gear - Multiple Gears of Curvic Couplings

Arrow produces a wide variety of custom gearing for a diverse range of customers.

Size Range for Custom Gears

  • Spiral Bevel Gears up to 30”
  • Spur Gears up to 36”
  • Helical Gears up to 36”
  • Internal Gears up to 32”
  • Curvic Couplings up to 16”

Custom Gears Made for You

Arrow Gear Company specializes in the manufacture of high precision, open gearing for a diverse range of customers and industries.
Our primary business is to manufacture to customer supplied drawings, we also market our stock gear product line and can design to custom applications.  If a custom gear or gear set is needed, Arrow’s design engineers can provide the expertise necessary to come up with the exact fit to meet or exceed your requirements.

Here are some interesting facts that highlight our extensive gear manufacturing expertise.

  • Arrow is one of the largest producers of jet engine accessory drive gearing in the world.
  • Arrow has developed 48,000 bevel gear summaries in the last 30+ years.
  • Arrow has processed over 100,000 different bevel gear sets.
  • Arrow develops more bevel gears for custom gears in a month than most companies do in a year.

Each precision product produced at Arrow meets the industry’s most stringent quality standards.

If you would like to receive pricing information on customer precision gears for your application, please fill out our form by clicking on the Get a Quote button.