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Arrow Gear - Curvic Coupling

Curvic Couplings

The Curvic Coupling has barrel shaped teeth like a Coniflex, but the teeth are arranged on the face of the part. Curvic Couplings are precision face splines with curved radial teeth of contact depth.

Arrow Gear spiral bevel gear - spur welded assembly

Aerospace Gearing

Few applications demand precision and quality more than aerospace. As a seasoned aerospace gear producer, Arrow’s products are used in critical in-flight applications all around the world.

Arrow gear - Spiral bevel gear in housing


Arrow Gear has produced a wide variety of complete gearboxes for commercial and aerospace applications.

Arrow Gear - Multiple Gears of Curvic Couplings

Custom Gears

Arrow Gear Company specializes in the manufacture of high precision, loose gearing for a diverse range of customers - encompassing both commercial and aerospace applications.