Gearbox Assembly

An aspect of Arrow Gear that is not as widely known as our loose gearing expertise is our capability for producing complete gearboxes. In fact, our organization has produced more than 200,000 gearboxes over the past quarter century.

Gearbox for the Joint Strike Fighter

Assembly of Accessory Drive Gearbox for the Joint Strike Fighter


Technicians in Arrow's Gearbox Assembly Department.

Our Expertise in Gearbox Assembly

At our Downers Grove facility, we are equipped for the complete assembly and testing of high precision gearboxes for aerospace and commercial applications. In a separate clean room, featuring environmental controls, we are capable of facilitating a full range of assembly operations. These operations are performed by specially trained technicians who routinely work with critical customer specifications.

Our gearbox assembly department features full array of equipment for assembly operations, including presses, ovens and freezers, as well as a pressure testing cell for hydraulic function. For checking gearbox housings, a Coordinate Measuring Machine is utilized. Test cells for "Burning-In" gearboxes and measuring sound levels are also available based on customer requirements.

Arrow’s complete gearboxes have been utilized in aerospace power take-offs and accessory drives. Notably, Arrow produced prototype gearboxes for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) and F22 programs, and supplied complete gearboxes used to retrofit the wing flap actuators of the entire B52 bomber fleet.

Gearbox Products

Arrow Gear is also an expert at gearbox production. Visit gearboxes to learn more.