Aerospace Gearing

Arrow Gear - Hypoid Gear Set

Arrow's aerospace gearing products meet the most
demanding quality requirements.

Size Range for Aerospace Gearing

  • Spiral Bevel Gears up to 30”
  • Spur Gears up to 36”
  • Helical Gears up to 36”
  • Internal Gears up to 32”
  • Curvic Couplings up to 16”

The Demand for Precision and Quality

Few applications demand precision and quality more than aerospace. As a seasoned aerospace gear producer, Arrow’s products are used in critical in-flight applications all around the world.

Arrow’s history as an aerospace gear producer spans more than 60 years of the company’s history. Early on, Arrow was contracted by a major aerospace engine manufacturer for supplying spiral bevel aircraft gears – and has been supplying quality products to the aerospace industry ever since.  In fact, to the best of our knowledge, Arrow supplies more loose gears for jet engines than any other gear company in the world.

Arrow’s products are not just used in fixed wing systems. Through the years, Arrow has produced critical main and tail rotor gears for top suppliers of civilian and military helicopters.

The demands on an aerospace gear producer impact all aspects of the company’s operation - from precision machining at every phase of production, to precise inspection and quality assurance. Arrow has achieved certifications including ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 REV D per PRI Register. Arrow also holds Nadcap certification for Magnaflux, Surface Temper Inspection and Heat Treatment.

This level of experience makes Arrow a renowned leader in the aerospace gear industry.