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Stock Gear Catalog - Online Version > Arrow-Stan® Non-Stock Gears

Arrow-Stan® Standard (Non-Stock) Gears
The combinations listed in the following pages represent a line of spiral bevel gears in sizes larger than our general selection of stock gears. We are tooled to produce these gearArrow-Stan Non-Stock Gears combinations without undue delays other than the normal time needed for the machining processes.

They are listed in groups according to the Pitch Diameter of the gear, with a suitable selection of ratios to cover a wide range of applications. (Please contact our Design Engineering Department for other gear sizes and ratios.)

All ring gears are carburized and die quenched on the most modern type of equipment available, and kept to the closest possible limits of flatness and roundness.

As in our stock gear line, capacities of these spiral bevel gears are rated in terms of torque. The allowable torque, as shown on Rating Data, must be calculated before selecting gear size.

Ring gears should be ordered as shown in the following tables to take advantage of extensive tooling available. Pinion members can be designed to suit your machine or housing. Pinions of ratios higher than 3:1 are usually designed integral with the shaft because of fastening problems.

To view gear specifications, select from the table below.

Arrow-Stan® Standard (Non-Stock) Data Tables

14 in.
Pitch Diameter
16 in.
Pitch Diameter
18 in.
Pitch Diameter
20 in.
Pitch Diameter
22 in.
Pitch Diameter
24 in.
Pitch Diameter

To download stock gear drawings for your CAD system, Click Here.