Video Gallery

Selected video programs produced by Arrow Gear are available for viewing online.

To view a program, make your selection from the list below. If you would like to order a copy of these programs, please visit our Multimedia page.

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Arrow Gear: Committed to Being the Best Program: Arrow Gear - Committed to Being the Best

Arrow Gear is among the most technologically advanced gear companies in the world - featuring a full range of in-house capabilities for high precision gears.

This program presents an overview of Arrow's operation - as well as a detailed look at each step involved in the manufacturing process.

Installation of Bevel Gears Program: The Installation of Bevel Gears

Proper installation of bevel gears in a gearbox is essential for trouble free operation and long life.

This program presents information on such topics as mounting distance, backlash and interpreting the contact pattern.

Design and Development Capabilities Program: Arrow Gear's Advanced Design and Development Assistance Capabilities

The traditional process of developing a contact pattern for a new gear design is a costly, time consuming process. Arrow has implemented new, leading edge technologies which have revolutionized this process - providing dramatic reductions in time and cost to the customer.

This program presents an overview of Arrow's methods for predicting the contact pattern through the use of Finite Element and Tooth Contact Analysis.

Complete Gearboxes Program: Arrow Gear's Complete Gearbox Capabilities

Arrow Gear is widely known as a leading producer of loose gearing. But Arrow is also experienced in the manufacture of complete gearboxes for the aerospace industry. Past projects have included gearboxes for the F22 and JSF programs.
This program outlines Arrow's capabilities for complete gearboxes.

Employee Recruitment Program: Arrow Gear's Personnel Recruitment Orientation Program

Today's gear industry offers a wide range of job opportunities.

This program provides an overview of the working environment at Arrow Gear - for those who are considering employment with our organization or the gear industry in general.