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Program: Arrow Gear – Committed to Being the Best


Curvic Couplings are utilized in numerous systems for precision alignment of components.

Arrow has produced non-ground curvic couplings in limited volumes for many years. However, Arrow has recently begun offering the capability for producing ground curvic couplings. This capability is due in part to Arrow’s Gleason Phoenix CNC tooth grinders, and specialized software.

Specialized software is required to perform the process of interpreting machining motions utilized in curvic couplings, which are very different from gear tooth grinding.


Hobbing and Shaping

Spur and helical gears are produced in our Hobbing and Shaping Department, where we are equipped with the latest CNC equipment.

We cut external spur and helical gears and splines from ¼ of an inch, or 6 millimeters up to 20 inches, or 508 millimeters in diameter and internal gears and splines from ½ of an inch, or 13 millimeters up to 14.5 inches or 368 millimeters in diameter.

Spur and Helical Inspection

In-process inspection of these gears is preformed in our spur and helical lab. Here we are equipped with four CNC inspection systems. This capability allows for highly accurate gear analysis.

Spur and Helical Tooth Grinding

We’re also equipped for spur and helical grinding.

External grinding operations are performed on our RZ300E Reishauers. And for internal and external spur grinding, we are equipped with three CNC Kapp borazon creep feed grinders.

We’re also equipped with the latest in spur and helical tooth grinding – the Hofler Helix 400. The Hofler truly represents 21st century technology as it offers capabilities not available in any other machine tool of its type. Able to work with a full variety of grinding wheels, the Hofler is equipped with an integrated CNC diamond dressing disk. Computer controlled dressing insures that highly accurate control of the involute is achieved. Accuracy of within 20 millionths of an inch – or one half of a micrometer – can be maintained with ease. As a result of its numerous capabilities, the Hofler is ideally suited for the economical processing of small lot quantities.


After tooth cutting operations, the gears move on to our Heat Treating Department, which provides a full range of heat training operations.

Parts receive the carbon impregnated shell called Case in our carburizing furnaces. And to meet a full variety of customer specifications, we are also equipped with carburizing pit furnaces.

Through the process of tempering and quenching, the microstructure is transformed – and the surface Case becomes extremely hard and wear resistant.

High Hot Hardening Steel

Arrow’s heat treat facility has the equipment and expertise for processing VASCO JET steel and other high temperature hardening steels, including CBS600, Pyrowear 675 and Pyrowear 53. These materials are commonly used for demanding aerospace applications.

Metallurgical Lab

To ensure the results of heat treat operations, our metallurgical lab is equipped for a full variety of inspection capabilities.

A critical inspection is measurement of the final carburized Case depth. This test is performed on our Struers and New Age micro hardness testers which provide highly accurate results in the Vickers, Knoop and Rockwell scales.