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Program: Arrow Gear – Committed to Being the Best


After bevel gear tooth cutting operations, a critical process is the machining of the tooth chamfer. The tooth chamfering process removes burrs from the teeth, and it ensures proper function and long life of the gear.

Traditionally, chamfering of the gear teeth has been performed by hand. To improve on this process Arrow Gear was a pioneer in the use of robotic chamfering – and is equipped with two chamfering systems which the company has designed and developed.

These systems perform the chamfering operation much faster than manual methods – and do so with a high degree of precision and uniformity.


Cutting and grinding high precision gears is a process that many would describe as more of an art than a science. Conventional techniques require highly skilled operators, long setup and development times, and a great deal of human interpretation. To address these limitations, Arrow implemented the Computer Controlled Manufacturing Closed Loop System.

The CCM Closed Loop System involves the electronic interchange between computerized design data, CNC inspection results, and the machine settings of the Phoenix cutting and grinding machines.

While other manufacturers are equipped with the components of this system, Arrow was the first in the industry to fully integrate all of the components – thus establishing what many believe to be the next generation of manufacturing technique for bevel gears.

The extensive benefits of integrated data exchange, reduced lead times, plus the ability to work with digitized masters, put this system on the leading edge of gear technology.


While Arrow Gear is widely known for the production of custom gears, we also offer a wide variety of ground and non-ground spiral bevel stock gears. Stock gears can serve as a convenient cost-effective gearing solution for our customers.

Arrow’s stock gears are rated up to AGMA Q12 and are available for next-day delivery. In addition, Arrow’s stock gear line offers the broadest range of available gear sizes up to 16”. And unlike other stock gear suppliers, Arrow’s stock gears are produced with the same advanced technology as our custom gears. This provides substantial customer benefits for low production volumes or prototype work.