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Program: Arrow Gear – Committed to Being the Best


The actual production process begins in our Turning Department.

Our CNC lathes provide fast accurate machining of the gear blank.

Milling and drilling operations are then performed.

We’re equipped with 4-axis CNC machining centers which allow for increased productivity.


Gear Cutting

Arrow Gear is widely known for our expertise in the production of high precision spiral bevel gears.

After turning, milling and drilling operations, bevel gears move on to our Gear Cutting Department or Gear Line for tooth cutting operations.

In keeping with Arrow’s commitment to offering the latest technologies, the Gear Line is equipped with the CNC bevel cutting capabilities of Gleason’s Phoenix gear cutter.

Phoenix gear cutters provide a substantial reduction in set-up and development time due to their highly accurate repeatability. This makes small lot quantities economically feasible.

We’re also equipped with Gleason 600 series generators which can finish teeth in one pass.

The Gear line cuts spiral bevel gears from 3/8’s of an inch or 9 millimeters – up to 30 inches or 762 millimeters in diameter, and straight tooth bevels from 3/8’s of an inch or 9 millimeters up to 28 inches or 711 millimeters in diameter.

First Piece Inspection – Bevel Gears

Before a job goes into production, stringent quality checks are performed during first piece inspection in our temperature controlled gear lab. Notably, Arrow is equipped with 6 electronically controlled specialty testers company wide. These testers, which are capable of testing the gears under load, feature magnet particle brakes, variable spindle drives and load meters.

Routine tests at this point in the manufacturing process include tooth contact pattern, backlash and tooth spacing.

As machining operations are performed, the process is monitored through the use of statistical process control methods. This insures the quality of our products and provides valuable data for the continuous improvement of our processes.

Spiral Bevel Tooth Grinding

To achieve the ultimate in high precision for bevel gears, tooth grinding operations are performed.

Precision grinding of gear teeth produces gears which run quietly and wear evenly – an essential requirement for high speed gearboxes and critical aircraft applications.

Arrow is equipped with the most advanced technologies for producing ground tooth spiral bevels.

Our Tooth Grinding Department offers the CNC capabilities of Gleason’s Phoenix spiral bevel tooth grinding systems.

The speed and accuracy offered by these state-of-the-art machine tools is unrivaled. And the reduction in set-up and development time – due to their highly accurate repeatability - makes small lot quantities economically feasible.

CNC tooth grinding allows for the integration of CNC gear inspection. CNC inspection of ground tooth spiral bevels is performed on our Hofler – which provides highly accurate results. Directly linked to our Phoenix machines, and equipped with Zeiss controls, the Hofler allows for the verification of gear tooth topography - a process which is superior to the less accurate method of pulling contact pattern tapes.