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Program: Arrow Gear – Committed to Being the Best


The latest in gear production technologies

Computer integration

Dedicated personnel

Over a half century of experience

An organization equipped to meet the most stringent quality standards for precision gears

An organization committed to being the best

This is Arrow Gear!

Arrow Gear Company – a world leader in the manufacture of high precision gears. We’ve earned our position as a leading producer of a full variety of gearing products – as well as curvic couplings - through dedication to quality and a commitment to being the best.

And today, in the competitive world market that has emerged, we have not only survived, we have remained at the forefront of our industry through our advanced technologies and the expertise of our people who are among the best in the business.

Arrow Gear was founded in 1947 by James J. Cervinka and Frank E. Pielsticker. From modest beginnings in an industrial building in Worth, Illinois the company has grown to over 200 people with a facility of over 145,000 square feet – or 13,500 square meters.

At our location in Downers Grove, Illinois, we are equipped for every operation involved in the production of gears - from the turning of raw material to the last detail of the finished part. Our clean and modern facility is the result of an ongoing dedication to growth and expansion. But Arrow is more than state-of-the-art gear production equipment. Our success stems from a commitment to our craft. We have received certification for the most demanding quality standards in the industry. And through ongoing process improvements and cost evaluation initiatives, we continue to perfect our processes and improve the way we work.

Put this all together and you have an organization that is uniquely equipped to meet the challenges of today’s toughest requirements for high precision gears.

Arrow Gear Company!

We’re equipped with the latest technologies.

We’re dedicated to quality.

We’re committed to being the best!