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Program: Arrow Gear’s Complete Gearbox Capabilities

Part 3 - Arrow's Gearbox Facility

All gearbox production takes place in a separate area in the main plant.

This clean room, equipped with environmental controls, contains all equipment required for a full range of assembly activities.

Specially trained technicians perform the detailed tasks of assembling and testing gearbox components - meeting critical specifications.

A variety of specialized equipment is used for this process.

Ovens and freezers are used for mounting components.

A print-out provides documentation of the precise temperatures required for meeting customers specifications.

A critical aspect of the assembly process is the testing of hydraulic pressure. To accomplish this, Arrow is equipped with a pressure testing cell - suitable for a wide variety of gearboxes.

For checking gearbox housings, Arrow is equipped with a Coordinate Measuring Machine. This precision system is capable of inspecting a variety of different housings.

Some gearboxes require rigid specifications for sound levels. To perform this test, Arrow is equipped with a sound monitoring cell to insure quiet operation.

In some cases, Arrow is required to test run or “Burn-In” the gearboxes. Here we are equipped with test cells for this purpose.

As the variety of gearbox projects are diverse, Arrow’s assembly and testing area is equipped with a full range of equipment and skilled technicians to meet the most rigid customer requirements.