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Program: Arrow Gear’s Complete Gearbox Capabilities

Part 2 - Arrow's Background in Gearboxes

Early in Arrow’s history, the company founders were committed to growth and expansion in products and services. In 1974, looking to expand the company into the area of complete gearboxes, Arrow Gear purchased Johnson Gear. Johnson Gear, then located in Berkeley California, was a producer of Right Angle Drives for the agricultural market. Shortly after the purchase of Johnson Gear, the division was relocated to a new facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Over the next decade, Arrow expanded the product line of the Johnson Gear Division - often performing prototype and specialty work for a variety of customers. This work included gearboxes for wind machines, commercial mixers, and military vehicles - among others.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, The Johnson Gear Division was producing large production quantities of centrifuge drives for the biomedical industry and the cooling tower industry.

By the mid 1990s, Arrow was pursuing other gearbox work - particularly in the aerospace industry.

To meet the high demands of the aerospace work, assembly operations were being performed at the main plant in Downers Grove.

By 1999, with the sale of the Johnson Gear Division, the “irrigation right angle drive” and “cooling tower” business was transferred to the new owners.

However, Arrow did retain all other projects - including its biomedical gearbox contracts.

At this time, the balance of the gearbox assembly work was moved to the main plant.