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Program: Arrow Gear’s Complete Gearbox Capabilities

Part 1 - Introduction

Thank you for viewing this program on Arrow Gear’s Complete Gearbox Capabilities.

Arrow Gear was founded in 1947 by James J. Cervinka and Frank E. Pielsticker. From modest beginnings, the company has grown at a steady pace over the years.

Today, Arrow Gear is among the most technologically advanced gear companies in the world. As a result, Arrow is respected worldwide as a supplier of spiral bevel and spur gears for high precision commercial and aerospace applications. However, there is an aspect of Arrow Gear that is not as widely known as our loose gearing expertise. This is our capability for producing complete gearboxes.

Our organization has produced more than 200,000 gearboxes over the past quarter century.

In this program, we’d like to provide more information regarding our gearbox expertise and our background in the production of gearboxes. We’d also like to provide an overview of our facilities and explain why we are an excellent resource for your next gearbox project.