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Program: Arrow Gear’s Advanced Design and Development Assistance Capabilities

Arrow’s System for Contact Pattern Development

In keeping with Arrow’s goal of being among the most technologically advanced gear producers, we have implemented a highly advanced system for performing contact pattern development – a system that provides a dramatic reduction in the time and expense of the process when compared to conventional methods.

This system uses a combination of state-of-the-art development software and machine tools. Among its key components are Gleason’s G-AGE, CAGE, MINIGAGE, Loaded TCA and Finite Element Analysis software packages. And for machine tools, Arrow uses Gleason Phoenix CNC Tooth Cutters and Phoenix CNC Tooth Grinders, in conjunction with a Zeiss Hofler CNC Gear Inspection System.

More detailed information on the use of this system will follow, but here are a few highlights of its capabilities.

Using the development software, Arrow engineers can build virtual models to predict how the gear will perform in actual operation. This in turn generates the settings to be used by the machine tools. In addition, these settings for the machine adjustments are automatically downloaded to the machine tools, greatly reducing the time spent on setup. And here’s the dramatic part – ideal settings of the machine tools which are required to produce the desired contact pattern are typically achieved in the first or second attempt.

This system eliminates the trial and error process that was once required. And the bottom line is that development time is reduced and Arrow’s customers save money.

An interesting footnote on this system is that Arrow was the first gear company in the world to utilize this type of comprehensive or Closed Loop System. And today, only Arrow Gear and Gleason have this system under one roof. This is clearly a testimony of Arrow’s competitive edge resulting from the use of advanced technology.