Virtual Tour Help

While Arrow Gear has made every reasonable effort to ensure the Virtual Tour functions properly, it is difficult to anticipate the many variables that may come into play with various browsers and plug-ins. If you are experiencing problems with either the audio or visuals contained in the Virtual Tour, the following are some potential issues.

Flash Player
The Virtual Tours are SWF (Shockwave Flash) files. To view these files, your system will require that Flash is enabled, and in most cases, the Flash player needs to be up-to-date. Also, some newer browsing devices such as smart phones and tablets do not support Flash. To accommodate these devices, an HTML 5 version of the Virtual Tour is being developed with an anticipated release during 2013.

Many of the navigation controls in the Virtual Tour are a function of Java. To view these components, your system will need to have an updated version of Java installed and enabled.

Tour Guide Audio
If you find that the Tour Guide Audio is not working, this is most likely due to an issue arising from missing, outdated, or conflicted Plug-ins with your browser.

For these and other technical issues, please consult with your system administrator.

Other Issues
If you experience a problem or have questions and comments about the Arrow Gear Virtual Tour, we would like to hear from you so that improvements can be made. Please submit your comments to Arrow Gear’s Webmaster through the Contact Section of Arrow’s Website.

Thank you for your interest in the Arrow Gear Virtual Tour.

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