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Stock Gear - DXF/PDF Files

From this page, you can download drawings of Arrow's stock gears in DXF format for use in most CAD systems. In addition, an accompanying data sheet in PDF format is provided for your reference.

To determine the specific stock gear file you would like to download, please refer to our Stock Gear Catalog which is available in an Online Version.

To download stock gear files, please follow these instructions.

  1. Select the specific drawing to download from the tables below. Note: You also have the option of downloading all drawings in a given category.
  2. You will be prompted to OPEN or SAVE the file. Choose SAVE and specify a location on your computer's hard drive. This will copy the file to your computer.
  3. The file that is copied to your computer is a self-extracting executable file, which contains both the DXF files and the corresponding data sheets in PDF format.
  4. To open, or extract the file, either double click on it in Windows Explorer, or choose START, RUN, then browse to the file's location - and then select OK. From this point, simply follow the onscreen instructions - being sure to make note of the specific folder to which the files are being located.
Downloads available in the following tables include:
  • Standard Stock Gears
  • Ground Tooth Stock Gears
  • Arrow-Stan® Non-Stock Gears
  • All Stock Gears

Stock Gear DXF and PDF File Downloads

(Average file size is approximately 50KB)

Standard Stock Gears
1:1 Ratio 2:1 Ratio 3:1 Ratio 3:2 Ratio 4:3 Ratio
Download All 1:1 Files Download All 2:1 Files Download All 3:1 Files Download All 3:2 Files Download All 4:3 Files
18p18x18.exe 10p16x32.exe 10p15x45.exe 8p16x24.exe 8p21x28.exe
12p18x18.exe 9p17x34.exe 8p15x45.exe 7p16x24.exe 7p21x28.exe
10p20x20.exe 8p18x36.exe 7p15x45.exe 6p16x24.exe 6p24x32.exe
8p20x20.exe 7p19x38.exe 6p15x45.exe 6p20x30.exe 5p24x32.exe
7p21x21.exe 6p20x40.exe 55p16x48.exe 5p20x30.exe 4p24x32.exe
6p21x21.exe 5p20x40.exe 5p16x48.exe 5p24x36.exe 35p27x36.exe
6p24x24.exe 4p20x40.exe 45p17x51.exe 45p26x39.exe 3p27x36.exe
5p25x25.exe 35p21x42.exe 4p18x54.exe 4p28x42.exe  
45p27x27.exe 320p23x46.exe 338p18x54.exe 35p30x45.exe
4p28x28.exe     290p30x45.exe

Ground Tooth Stock Gears
1:1 Ratio 2:1 Ratio
Download All 1:1 Files Download All 2:1 Files
35g35x35.exe 38g23x46.exe
40g35x35.exe 45g23x46.exe
50g35x35.exe 54g20x40.exe
60g35x35.exe 54g20x40.exe

Arrow-Stan® Non-Stock Gears
14 Inch Pitch Diameter of Gear 16 Inch Pitch Diameter of Gear   18 Inch Pitch Diameter of Gear   20 Inch Pitch Diameter of Gear   22 Inch Pitch Diameter of Gear   24 Inch Pitch Diameter of Gear  
Download All 14" Files Download All 16" Files Download All 18" Files Download All 20" Files Download All 22" Files Download All 24" Files
4p22x56.exe 35p22x56.exe 21p39x39.exe 19p39x39.exe 17p39x39.exe 17p42x42.exe
42p20x59.exe 35p19x57.exe 3p22x54.exe 25p20x50.exe 29p21x63.exe 32p36x76.exe
47p17x67.exe 42p17x67.exe 31p18x55.exe 38p28x75.exe 33p18x72.exe 3p27x72.exe
48p15x68.exe 46p15x74.exe 33p15x59.exe 38p26x75.exe 34p17x75.exe 25p19x59.exe
    38p14x69.exe 35p20x70.exe 34p15x75.exe 29p22x71.exe
  38p19x75.exe   29p20x70.exe
38p16x75.exe 31p17x75.exe

All Stock Gears
Note: This download includes all files contained in the above tables. File size is 1.79M.