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Stock Gear Catalog - Online Version > Rating Data and Specifications

Rating Data and Specifications for Standard and Ground Tooth Stock Spiral Bevel Gears
Arrow stock spiral bevel gears are lapped to AGMA Quality Number 9 or ground to AGMA Quality Number 11. Each pair of gears is made of alloy steel with carburized and hardened teeth. 20 degree pressure angle and 35 degree spiral angle are standard. All pinions are left hand spiral. Mounting distance, backlash, mating teeth and set number are etched on each pair. See Mountings.

Hub type gears can be rebored to the maximum diameter specified in the tables. It is preferred that all remachining of bores be performed by Arrow Gear Company.



Service factors have been determined by many industries for specific applications from field data and should be used when available. In the absence of a service factor, select an appropriate overload factor.

Overload Factors
Arrow Stock Gear Selection

A 1.49 SF indicates that the stock gear set has a capacity of 1.49 times that required.

Gear sizes in this manual must be selected from the calculated allowable torque. For applications involving unusual conditions, our Engineering Service is available.

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