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Arrow Gear's On-Demand Program for Ground Tooth Spiral Bevel Gears
Developing a new spiral bevel gear design from scratch is very costly, and the process can take months. However, by using Arrow’s On-Demand Program for ground tooth spiral bevel gears, the customer can take delivery in a matter of days.

Arrow believes that its On-Demand product line, which offers a cost saving alternative, will help manufacturers in their efforts to gain a competitive edge.

On-Demand Gears produced by Arrow Gear showing modification
This is an example of an option for modification that is available on Arrow's
On-Demand products.  The gear on the left represents the stock design weighing 22 pounds.  The gear on the right represents the modified gear weighing 12.5 pounds.  Click on the image for a larger view (781K).

Arrow’s On-Demand product line includes a full variety of ground tooth spiral bevel gears. This positions Arrow Gear as the only gear producer in the world to provide such a diverse selection.

For manufacturers of power transmission systems, utilizing Arrow’s products in prototype development and low-volume production runs can save literally tens of thousands of dollars.

"Our On-Demand product line is unique for several reasons. First, no one else in the world offers stock ground tooth spiral bevel gears in the variety that we do. Secondly, our engineers are available to assist with modifications to the contact pattern and other physical attributes to meet the customer’s specific requirements. And by using our stock gears, customers can save a great deal of expense,” stated Arrow’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, James. J. Cervinka.

Arrow’s On-Demand product line features the following:
• 57 different combinations of ground tooth spiral bevels.
• Sizes up to 16 inches in diameter.
• Quality levels up to Q13.
• Parts are carburized and hardened, as opposed to through hardening, which is common for most stock gears.

Arrow’s On-Demand gears can be modified extensively by Arrow’s engineers, while still serving as a dramatic cost-saving alternative to custom gearing.

Modifications to the blank, in order to meet the customer’s gearbox envelope requirements, can often be completed in just two weeks. In addition, only the teeth are carburized and hardened, which simplifies the modification process.

 Modifications to the contact pattern can be performed to account for gearbox deflections. Working with technical data provided by the customer, Arrow engineers have the capability of performing contact pattern development utilizing specialized software for fully loaded tooth contact analysis and finite element analysis. While this process will obviously take more time than modifications to the blank, the customer will still realize significant savings from both a time and cost perspective.

“Developing a new spiral bevel gear design from scratch is very costly, and the process can take months. Using our On-Demand products, the customer can take delivery in a matter of days. And even when the gears are modified, the customer can save up to 50 percent in comparison to other costly alternatives for prototype or low-volume production runs. In today’s market, the ability to get your product to market faster than the other guy is a strong component for edging out the competition. Another point is that with the flexibility of our On-Demand gear products, engineers now have the choice of using high-quality precision gearing in their prototype phase. Even in aerospace applications, our products can be used for the initial testing of their application without the months of waiting for a completely new design,” Cervinka explains.

Arrow has offered stock gears for many years. In the past, the stock gear product line consisted of only a few ground tooth sets while the majority were lapped gears for less-critical applications. However, there are new challenges facing manufacturers including:
• The need for lower costs.
• Shorter lead times.
• Quality improvements, yielding…

- increased life.
- quiet operation.
- smooth-running systems for registry or positioning.

Arrow’s decision to expand its line of precision stock gears is in direct response to these challenges facing manufacturers.

“With a product line such as this, with its inherent benefits for prototype and low-volume production, we feel that our customers will find it to be a valuable solution, and one that will fill a rather substantial void. And in view of the brutal competition that many companies are now facing, we feel that our product line of stock gears can serve as a powerful resource for a manufacturer’s competitive posture,” Cervinka stated.

For more information, a brochure on Arrow's On-Demand program is available for ordering or in PDF format in the Publications section of this site. Also, a interactive multimedia CD-ROM is available in our Multimedia section.