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Hypoid Gear
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Hypoid Gears are similar in their general form to other bevel gears. However, Hypoid Gears operate on non-intersecting axes. Hypoid Gears have spiral teeth that are curved, having one concave and one convex side, with axes which may be at either right angles or otherwise.

The shape of Hypoid Gears is defined as revolved hyperboloid, meaning that the pitch surface of the gear is hyperbolic as compared to the shape of a spiral bevel gear that is normally conical.

Being that the gear and pinion are designed to have offset axes, this generally allows for the pinion to be larger in diameter which results in more contact area.

Arrow’s size range and capabilities for Hypoid Gears are provided in the list below.

Hypoid Gear illustration showing axis offset
Illustration of axis offset of Hypoid Gear and Pinion members

Maximum Pitch Diameter – 30”
Diametral Pitch – 1.5 – 48
Face Width – 5
Unground Tooth – AGMA Q9
Ground Tooth – AGMA Q13