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Custom Gears

Custom Gearing produced by Arrow Gear
Arrow produces a wide variety of custom gearing for a diverse range of customers.

Arrow Gear Company specializes in the manufacture of high precision, loose gearing for a diverse range of customers - encompassing both commercial and aerospace applications.

While the bulk of Arrow’s work is build to print, we also do a great deal of custom work. Arrow’s design engineers evaluate customer needs to determine if Arrow’s stock gears can be used as a cost saving alternative. If a custom gear is needed, Arrow’s design engineers will provide input regarding the selection of material and other physical characteristics – doing this work fee of charge. Notably, Arrow is one of the few gear companies who have gear engineers on staff to provide this assistance.

Here are some interesting facts that highlight our extensive gear manufacturing expertise.

  • Arrow produces more jet engine accessory drive gears than any other gear manufacturer in the world.
  • Arrow has developed 48,000 bevel gear summaries in the last 30 years alone.
  • Arrow has processed over 100,000 different bevel gear developments.
  • Arrow performs more bevel gear developments for custom gears in a month than most companies do in a year.

Each precision product produced at Arrow meets the industry's most stringent quality standards.

If you would like to receive pricing information on custom precision gears for your application, select the link to our Request a Quote Form.