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Curvic® Couplings

Curvic Coupling produced by Arrow Gear
Curvic Coupling

Curvic® Couplings are technically not classified as gears. However, they are produced on hypoid gear manufacturing equipment.

The teeth on a Curvic Coupling are not on the outside or inside of the part like a spur gear, and they are not on an angled face like bevel gears. A good method for description would include precision face splines with curved radial teeth of contact depth.

The Curvic Coupling has barrel shaped teeth like a Coniflex, but the teeth are arranged on the face of the part. Curvic Couplings are used for joining two or more members to form a single operating unit. Due to their capacity for high precision tolerances, they are beneficial for ultra precise locating arrangement and alignment of components.

Arrow’s capability for Curvic® Couplings is 16" in diameter.

Curvic Coupling produced by Arrow Gear
Curvic Coupling on a spur gear.