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A well trained workforce is critical for success in the precision gear industry. To meet this requirement, Arrow invests substantial resources in the ongoing training of our workforce through a formal training curriculum.

Trainees initially receive assessment testing to evaluate basic skills, encompassing communication, math, and blueprint reading. Based on individual needs, training is then conducted by University of Illinois Business and Industry Services (UIBIS). Training is also provided on the basic principles of gearing.

To ensure the depth of operator knowledge, training is provided on the overall fundamentals of machining. This training is presented by Arrow’s onsite subject matter experts, as well as through online courses by Tooling University and MTI for Heat Treat. The Tooling University training consists of 45 hours of course work, and MTI courses for heat treat personnel include 42 courses.

In addition, a variety of ongoing training is provided in department-specific areas pertaining to advanced gear manufacturing technique and theory. This training consists not only of traditional classroom settings, but also Arrow’s training video library. The training video library contains many custom produced videos. Acquired over the span of 20 years, the library contains subjects ranging from precision gear design and theory, inspection, machining and safety.