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Commercial Applications

Arrow’s experience in precision gearing spans numerous industries and customer applications. Among our diverse customer base, we have supplied gearing for auto racing, power tools, oil rigs, mining equipment, robotics, printing presses, military vehicles, machine tools and many other products.

Arrow is widely known as a producer of high precision custom gears. In fact, Arrow has performed more than 200,000 different setups and developments. What is less known about Arrow is our full line of spiral bevel gears from stock – including ground tooth gears. These products offer a cost-effective alternative for small production runs and prototype work. For more information on our stock products, please visit the Stock Gear section of our website.

Our state-of-the-art gear manufacturing facility is among the most advanced in the world. This capability allows us to provide high precision custom or stock gears in matched sets (bevels) that are carburized and hardened – meeting quality specifications from Q9 up to Q13 on ground tooth gears.