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Aerospace Applications

Arrow Gear has a long history of producing loose gearing for aerospace systems. In fact, Arrow produces more loose gears for jet engines and helicopters than any other gear manufacturer in the world.

Aerospace Applications supplied by Arrow Gear
(clockwise) F22, Blackhawk, 777, Delta Rocket, F18 and R44.

Arrow’s commitment to superior quality and productivity is evident in the ongoing acquisition of new state-of-the-art equipment. Key technologies like Gleason’s Phoenix gear cutters and grinders, Zeiss Hofler and Wenzel CNC gear inspection and Hofler tooth grinding systems allow Arrow to provide top quality. In addition, these technologies allow Arrow to cost-effectively produce small and medium size lot quantities – a common requirement of the aerospace industry.

Arrow’s dedication to keeping up with the latest technology and its steady capital investment in plant, equipment and employee training has enabled the company to successfully produce aerospace gears which demand extremely close tolerances and unique load bearing capabilities.