Arrow Gear Anniversary Photo Gallery

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Arrow's first shop in Worth, Illinois Arrow's second location in Lyons, Illinois Frank Pielsticker (left)
and Jim Cervinka
in the Lyons office.
Jim Cervinka, Lyons Office The Lyons shop just before Arrow's move to
Downers Grove
Arrow's new plant
shortly after construction in 1960
Newspaper article on Arrow,
shortly after moving to
Downers Grove
Newspaper article
part 2
Newspaper article
part 3
Newspaper article
part 4
Arrow Gear after second expansion
in 1965
(west view)
Second expansion 1965
(north view)
Arrow's gear line in the early 1970s Arrow's exterior in the
early 1970s
Arrow in 1977, shortly before the original bridge was removed
(from left) Frank Pielsticker,
Jim Cervinka and Joe Arvin,
early 1980s
Arrow supplied gears for the
fastest aircraft ever produced,
the SR-71 Blackbird
Executives at the annual Service Awards Dinner 1985 - (from left) John Leming, Jim Cervinka, Ray Holda, Frank Pielsticker and Joe Arvin Frank Pielsticker
(1917 - 1987)
One of the most unique aircraft equipped with Arrow gears - the Human Powered Daedalus
Jim Cervinka during the celebration
of Arrow's 40th anniversary
in 1987
1989 Open House held to celebrate Arrow's expansion
of that year.  This area now
contains the Turning

1989 Open House - (left to right) Verne Pielsticker, Joe Arvin and Judy Lynn 1989 Open House - (left to right)
Jim Pielsticker, Jim Cervinka
and Gary Lynn
In the late 1990s, Arrow expanded into the area of complete gearboxes for the aerospace industry.
Arrow supplies gear drives for the biomedical field.  This unique
design, operates without
Jim Cervinka posing with his
gear sculpture, located just
outside of his office
Jim Gleason (left) and Jim Cervinka with one of Arrow's Phoenix Gear Cutters Cervinka with a vintage Gleason
gear cutter, displayed on Arrow's property - the same model of
cutter as the first machine
purchased by Arrow.
James Cervinka
(1920 - 2012)