Arrow Gear has produced a collection of video and multimedia titles to communicate key aspects of our company, products and capabilities. These programs are available for distribution and copies can be ordered from this Website.

The following listing is a summary of available programs, with descriptions and formats available. Please note that all CD-ROM programs are PC format and require a multimedia capable computer for playback. In addition, programs in DVD format are available in the NTSC standard.

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Arrow Gear: Committed to Being the Best
Arrow Gear: Committed to Being the Best

This program provides a general overview of Arrow Gear. Highlights of the company's advanced design assistance, precision gear manufacturing, heat treatment and inspection capabilities are provided.
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A New Era: Arrow Gear's CCM Closed Loop System for the Design Assistance and Manufacture of Bevel Gears
A New Era

Arrow's state-of-the-art CCM Closed Loop System promises to be the next generation of manufacturing technique for high precision gears. Presented through both narration and interviews with Arrow personnel, the program includes an overview of the system's operation, the equipment used, and the numerous benefits to Arrow's customers.
Format: CD-ROM | Order Program
Arrow Gear's E-Publication Gallery
E-Publication Gallery
Fully understanding why Arrow Gear is at the forefront of the precision gear industry requires a knowledge of the numerous details of the company's operation. To conveniently communicate this information, the E-Publication Gallery is presented. This program provides the viewer with electronic versions of Arrow's key promotional brochures in Adobe PDF format. In addition, an interactive kiosk entitled, "Equipped For High Precision" is provided. This presentation contains a full range of information on Arrow Gear - from the company's history and machining capabilities to a photo gallery of custom gears and gearing products.
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Arrow Gear's Design and Development Assistance Capabilities
Design and Development
Arrow Gear possesses highly advanced and complex technologies for the design and development assistance of gearing. These capabilities, many of which are available only from Arrow, translate to a dramatic cost savings to the customer. This program provides both a general overview of these capabilities as well as a detailed look at the specific processes. Topics range from basic design concepts such as contact pattern and gear displacement, to the specific steps utilized by Arrow engineers to predict gear performance through computer modeling and finite element analysis.
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Arrow Gear's Complete Gearbox Capabilities
Gearbox Capabilities

A lesser known aspect of Arrow Gear is our capability for producing high precision, complete gearboxes. In this program, Arrow's background in gearboxes is presented. A tour of Arrow's assembly operation and a gallery of past projects is also included.
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The Installation of Bevel Gears
Installation of Bevel Gears

For gears to function properly in a gearbox, essential guidelines for installation must be followed. In this program, important subject such as mounting distance, bearing pattern, backlash and marked teeth are addressed for customers to insure trouble-free gear operation and long life.
Format: DVD | Order Program
Arrow Gear's Employee Recruitment Program
Employee Recruitment

This program provides an overview of job opportunities at Arrow Gear and the gear industry in general. The program highlights the high technology environment of modern manufacturing, the opportunity for advancement and the full range of opportunities for women.
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