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Tooth Grinding

Gleason Phoenix 800 Grinder
Gleason Phoenix 600 Tooth Grinder

Precision grinding of gear teeth produces gears which run quietly and wear evenly - an essential requirement for high speed gearboxes and critical aircraft applications. Arrow's Bevel Tooth Grinding Department offers the CNC capabilities of Gleason's Phoenix spiral bevel tooth grinding systems - featuring the Phoenix 600. The speed and accuracy of these systems is unrivaled. And the reduction in setup and development time make small lot quantities economically feasible.

Hofler Helix 800
Hofler Rapid 800 Spur and Helical Tooth Grinder

Arrow's Spur and Helical Tooth Grinding Department features the Hofler Rapid 800. The Hofler truly represents 21st century technology as it offers capabilities not available in any other machine tool of its type. Able to work with a full variety of grinding wheels, the Hofler is equipped with an integrated CNC diamond dressing disk. Computer controlled dressing ensures that highly accurate control of the involute is achieved. Accuracy of within 20 millionths of an inch, or one half of a micrometer can be maintained with ease.


More about Tooth Grinding

Gears used in many applications do not require finish tooth grinding after tooth cutting. However, with high precision gears tooth grinding is essential for achieving optimal gear tooth accuracy as well as improving surface finish.

The teeth of bevel gears are ground with a cup shaped grinding wheel that is capable of grinding both the flanks of the teeth and in the roots [Fig.1].

Grinding the teeth of spur and helical gears and splines utilizes two different types of grinding wheels. One method uses a generating grinding wheel that features grooves oriented on a helix, much like a hob cutter [Fig.2]. The other method is form grinding, where the grinding wheel has the shape of the space between two tooth profiles [Fig.3].

Bevel Gear Grinding Wheel
Fig.1 - Bevel Grinding Wheel
Generating Grinding Wheel
Fig.2 - Generating Grinding Wheel
Form Grinder Wheel
Fig.3 - Form Grinding Wheel